#TwitterFiction Festival 2014

I participated on the last day of the Second Twitter Fiction Festival,  12 – 16 March 2014. And by participated, I mean I posted a lot of tweets with the #TwitterFiction hashtag.

If I wrote erotic romance novels, I’d write a scene where one of my characters issues a lusty “Harrumph!” #TwitterFiction

Goddamnit, I’m calling animal control! For two mornings in a row, I’ve been butted in the crotch by feral goats. #TwitterFiction

For reasons unrelated to interior lighting fixtures, the neighborhood strumpet was known as the clapper. #TwitterFiction

I’m thinking of a number between 2 and 4. Okay, it’s pi, but I’m hungry. #TwitterFiction

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Klondike Comedy Showcase — Week 2

I’m participating in the Klondike Comedy Showcase, a comedy contest on Twitter sponsored by Klondike, running through July 23, 2012. Each week, a new topic is announced and funny entries (“tweets” with the #KCS hash­tag) are accepted throughout the week on Twitter pertaining to the topic. The second week has been completed and another finalist was announced (SPOILER ALERT: it wasn’t me).

The topic for the second week was Stupid Things Overheard at Sporting Events. Here’s a list of my entries:

-I’m not sure, but I think if you drown in the swimming portion of the Ironman Triathlon, you’ll be disqualified.

-The speed of our Quidditch team has really increased since we switched to Swiffers.

-I bet more people would watch the Australian Open if they used ball bears–trained koala bears to retrieve tennis balls.

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