New Humor Website – The Yellow Ham

The Yellow Ham is up and running and ready to spread the funny all over the Internet. I have a short sketch called “Excuses” posted in my regular column section called Heckling Myself.

From the Yellow Ham website:

Welcome to The Yellow Ham

The Yellow Ham is a website specializing in all types of written humor from folks who’d give stand-up comedy a try if they were less scared of hotel bedspreads. Or of being laughed at instead of with. People you might also refer to as “stay-at-home comedians” or “yellow hams.”

We post new humor every Wednesday. Please like us on Facebook. Please follow us on Twitter. And don’t forget to visit our sister site:

To submit, send your humor submissions to: We don’t pay, but you get a ham sticker (and sometimes a beanbag ashtray) if you’re on the site. We prefer pieces that are no more than 1,000 words. And we prefer them pasted into an email instead of attached. We also prefer one space after a period and no smart quotes, but we can’t get too picky since we’re publishing your brilliance for free. Also, if you send a photo to Captions, it needs to be a photo YOU took.

We’re open to reading anything — from knock-knock jokes and rants, to essays and poetry. We like highbrow humor, lowbrow humor, unibrow humor, dark humor, blue humor, and dark blue humor. Our categories are pretty self-explanatory (poems, lists, fake news, captions), and longer humor pieces (over 500 words) appear under Howls, while shorter pieces appear under Hoots. Thanks for reading!