Otto and the Robot

Otto and the robot holding hands.

Otto found a new friend.

The robot petting Otto.

I think the robot likes him!

The robot still petting Otto.

The robot pets the right spot, making Otto’s arms fly in the air!

Otto standing in front of the robot.

The two bestest friends in the world!

Otto does not want to leave.

Otto tightly embraces his new friend after we tell Otto we must go.

The robot says goodbye.

The robot encourages Otto to leave by ever so gently electrically choking him.

The robot still saying goodbye.

The robot’s goodbye and Otto’s spasms last for well over a minute.

Otto wants to stay with the robot.

Otto is acting up and refusing to leave.

The robot asks, "WTF?"

Twenty minutes later, Otto still won’t leave. The robot made it clear he was tired of the brat’s shit. I had to drag him to the car like a sack of sand. You can bet he was punished when we got home.